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Practical Kitchen Ideas to Make Cooking Easier

Busy mommy? We know. Sunup to sun down, mommy chores are always on your plate. And this goes for both working and stay-at-home moms. While you want to be the super mom that you are, accomplishing all that needs to be done, the fact remains: sometimes, kitchen must-dos eat up a big chunk of your time. As your cooking partner, Mega Prime gives you practical kitchen ideas to make cooking easier. Not magic, but they’re definitely smart tips to make cooking easy and quick.

  1. No Mess Fish Grill
    It’s a given that some would cringe at the thought of grilling fish at home, whether by a pan or a griller. Understandably so, as it can leave a burnt, stuck-on mess which means additional kitchen chore. To avoid fish skin or meat from sticking to a pan or griller, grill it on top of sliced citrus fruits like lemon or orange. Not only does it prevent unnecessary grilling mess; it also gives your fist that extra burst of delightful flavor.
  2. Peeling Ginger? Make It Easier.
    One common practice of peeling ginger is through the use of a knife or a fruit peeler. It’s tough, time consuming, and sometimes, can even cause accidental slips. To avoid this, try using a spoon to peel away the coarse brown skin. Lightly scrape the surface using the tip of the spoon, all the way to the small ginger corners that need some peeling. It’s definitely faster and safer.
  3. Easy Baking
    Love baking but not the messy cleanups after? This should do the trick. Cover your baking sheet with parchment paper or a tin foil when baking. This should make it easier and quicker to remove the food from the pan. Less kitchen mess too, when your baking is done.
  4. Easy BBQ for You.
    Barbecue sticks that catch fire or fall apart are a common sight when grilling your favorite kebabs. To avoid this, try soaking your wooden skewers on water for at least 30 minutes before using them.
  5. Keep Your Brown Sugar Soft
    Brown sugar, when left for a long time inside jars, tend to harden making it difficult to “dig in” when you’re about to get some for cooking. Here’s a little known secret: put a small piece of bread in your container to keep your brown sugar soft. That will rid you from having a not-so-sweet time scooping in some sugar.
  6. De-frost, fast!
    No need to wait an hour or so when de-frosting your meat from the fridge. Simply put your frozen meat on a pot of water and wait for at least 10 minutes. Make sure the whole piece is fully submerged. By then, your meat should be soft enough already, ready to be cooked.
  7. Very Easy Veggie
    Your veggies, especially the harder ones, are easier to cook when blanched. To do this, cook them QUICKLY in boiling water then “shock” them by immediately immersing them in ice water. This retains the texture and color of your greens after having them blanched.
  8. Sunnier Sunny Side Up Eggs
    Delight your kids with IG-worthy sunny side up eggs. Yup, it’s fun and definitely easy peasy, you can ask even have your kids help you out. For that perfectly-shaped sunny side up, just crack them inside the rim of a mason jar lid. Fry, serve with toast and some cold cuts, and you have an IG-worthy breakfast.

Cooking is fun as it brings out the super chef mom in everyone. It’s delicious opportunity to showcase one’s love for the family, and sometimes for the self. But with smart tips to make cooking easier, kitchen fun is definitely more #pinasarap. Check out Mega Prime’s easy to use products, sure to bring well-loved dishes for everyone.

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