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Your Kitchen Utensils Are Your Best Friends This Christmas

Every Christmas season, merriest also means busiest. And your kitchen is witness to that, with all the cooking preparations needed for endless holiday parties, reunions, and family gatherings. It’s as if you are constantly running after time and the littlest of details like cleaning and cutting of ingredients have a lot of bearing on how good a chef/party organizer you are. 

Kitchen Utensils: the Kitchen Company You Need for the Holidays

So to keep the holiday merry despite the kitchen frenzy, we give you a list of kitchen utensils to make things convenient for you. Here are your kitchen’s little helpers to make cooking a lot easier.  

A Good Knife

A huge chunk of cooking preparation involves cutting of ingredients. Hence, nothing’s more frustrating than having a knife that’s too dull to do such chores. Sharp kitchen knives make cutting, chopping, and slicing much faster and easier. Chef’s knives may be a bit pricey, but they are splurge-worthy as they save a great deal of time and energy.

Hands-free Can Opener

Ladies, you need not ruin your newly-manicured nails when doing serious kitchen work. There’s an electric can opener that saves your pretty nails and also saves your time doing your cooking. None of those uneasy tug-o-war moments with cans. Yup, electric can openers are one of the best kitchen gadgets ever invented.

Electric Slicer

Holiday dinners aren’t complete without the mandatory roast beef. But the “meat of the matter” when making delicious roast beef has a lot to do with the cutting. Your electric slicer is the answer. It can cut meats, and even cheeses, thinly. Needless to say, it also cuts on cooking time.

High-powered Blender

You may already have a blender. But is it a high-powered blender? Check what you’re using right now as this gadget is like a kitchen superpower. It’s your key to multitasking, doing quick preps for dips, sauces, soups, milkshakes, smoothies, the list goes on. One gadget for a variety of uses. Now that’s a smart kitchen investment.

Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker takes the pressure out of you when you need to soften your meat and there’s not much time left. It’s magic when what normally takes an hour will only give you minutes. Imagine the time you’ve saved and the other equally essential things that you can do while cooking.

Garlic Twist

Garlic is one of the universal ingredients for most dishes. Needless to say, garlic will almost always be part of any holiday cooking preparation. But mincing it takes so much time. Now here’s the twist: doing this job now will be your garlic twist! It minces garlic in a matter of seconds. Plus, it keeps the smell from getting on your hands. It also works for ginger, onions, nuts, olives, herbs, and a lot more.

Instant Pot

If there’s one kitchen item that you cannot NOT have, it’s this: instant pot! It’s an all-in-one cooking buddy designed to make your kitchen life easy breezy. It’s your rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer, food warmer, pressure cooker, yogurt maker and saute pan in one. It’s the one appliance that does a lot. Your multitasking instant pot.

Microwave Pasta Cooker

Pasta is, no questions asked, a staple in every holiday gathering. Keep the stove, pots and pans to the meat dishes. For your pasta, there’s microwave pasta cooker that rids you of the cleaning time that comes after. This little kitchen helper can measure water, cook pasta, and strain noodles in just one cooker. Pasta fasta!

Never let the holiday rush, rush you into stressful cooking. With a little help from these kitchen partners, some kitchen suggestions and cooking tips, cooking for the season is both merry and easy! Read more prime features on kitchen utensils.

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