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Canned 101: How To Wisely Buy Canned Vegetables

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Canned Goodness 101: Getting wise with canned grocery items


Canned goods, specially vegetables is probably one of the most common supermarket cart regulars. We don’t really think about it most of the time. It’s on our grocery list, we pick it off the shelf and that’s it. But there’s more to it than that. Read on for some interesting facts and tips about canned vegetables.

There are the usual benefits to buying canned vegetables. It’s accessible; it doesn’t spoil easily; and you can store it in the kitchen for convenience.

Canned vegetables also come in many sizes, helping you get the exact amount of ingredients you actually need. Now that’s efficient!

And there’s more good news! Did you know that the nutritional content of fresh vegetables are not lost in the canning process which makes buying canned products like peas, corn, and mushrooms a good idea. Mushrooms and corn are rich in potassium, while peas are a good source of vitamin C, the body’s partner in immunity.

Now, there are also things to remember when buying and cooking with canned goods Here are some handy stuff to keep in mind.

Wash the Can before using


While products in the can are clean and safe, it doesn’t hurt to make sure all is well OUTSIDE the can. Wash cans or wipe the lid area clean with rubbing alcohol before opening just to help minimize contamination of contents before you use them.

Check the expiry dates against YOUR dates


Yes it’s pretty standard practice to always make sure to buy stuff that aren’t going to expire soon. Be mindful also of when you will actually going to use your canned goods, specially when you want to buy quite a few. It’s good sense not to waste because you hoarded (yes we do) and forgot to use them beyond the expiry date.

Make sure that the canned products aren’t dented or bloated


These are telltale clues of what might be happening inside. There may be toxic risk if the canned good that you are buying is bloated or dented. This state may allow bacteria to enter the can and make it unsafe for one to eat.



Heed the label Prime Moms! A cool storage prevents possible loss of nutrients due to heat and wet areas are a growth bed for bacteria that can make the outside of the can dangerous.

Not just easy, also safe

If given the choice, choose canned goods that come with easy open lids. Not only are these convenient to use, it also allows you to skip using can openers that aren’t that clean all the time.

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