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Fruity Cinderella inspired by Chef Rosebud

Fruity Cinderella

Di man kasing saya ng pasko last year but spirit of Christmas will stay and will always there even in a simple way.


A bit different this time pero magpprepare pa din at isa sa pinaka paborito ko iprepare para sa family ko ay ang cocktails at syempre first to consider ay ang mga makukulit kung anak na talaga namang naeenjoy pag fruity ang drinks nila.


Ito ang #Pinasarap Holidays Mocktails to Try at Home using Mega Prime Fruit Cocktail.

Kaya Holidays here we go! 😊


So ito na nga, We try an easy Mocktails that Chef RoseBud shared in the Live Session.


Here’s a simple recipe:

1 cup of Lemon

1 cup of Orange Juice

1 cup of Pineapple Juice

1 tbsp Grenadine

1 Can of Soda Water

2 tbsp of Sugar

1 Can of Mega Prime Fruit Cocktail

Dont forget a Bucket of Ice cubes.



Mix all the ingredients together in a large pitcher together with ice cubes.

Enjoy this with Family.

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