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Mega Prime Green Peas Omelette

Mega Prime Green Peas Omelette

Make your family mornings more exciting with this #MegaPrime Green Peas #OmeletteRecipe by #ChefNinoLogarta. Have a simple yet healthy breakfast with your family! Simple and easy meals for you to do #AtHome dahil para sa amin, kaya mong magluto! Impress your family...

Bacon and Mega Prime Corn Chowder

Bacon and Mega Prime Corn Chowder

Warm your family’s rainy days. Here’s Chef Nino Logarta with a hearty Bacon And Corn Chowder recipe made with MEGA PRIME WHOLE KERNEL CORN, perfect for this rainy season! With Mega Prime, cooking meals is made one step easier! Watch the video and try this...

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