Upload Receipt Promo - Prime Mom Club

How to Join

This program is open to all registered and verified members of Prime Mom Club.
(Registration can be done via www.primemomclub.com)

  1. Registered members need to have a physical receipt as proof of any Mega Prime Products purchased from June 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020 from supermarkets and groceries nationwide where Mega Prime is distributed and available.
  2. Registered members simply need to CLEARLY capture the receipt and upload the photo in the Upload Receipt tab found at www.primemomclub.com
  3. Registered members need to properly and completely fill up all pertinent details. The fields to be filled up are:

    Outlet Name
    Date of Purchase
    Total Cost of Mega Prime Products
    Official Receipt Number
    Mega Prime Products Bought
    Upload Receipt (Attached photo must be clear as this will be the basis for points to be awarded)

How to Win

  1. After form submission, details will be validated and verified by the Community Manager of the website within 3-5 working days. The community manager will award the total points based on the items purchased, the points of which are based on a detailed points system.
  2. Points computation is as follows:
    Fixed point system of a specific Mega Prime SKU x Quantity purchased by the buyer.
  3. Once total points are computed, the Community Manager will credit the points earned in the registered members corresponding account within 3-5 working days from validation.
  4. Members can use accumulated points in exchange for various items from Mega Prime subject to availability.
Entry FormsUpload Receipt tab found at www.primemomclub.com
Draw DateN/A
Location of Drop CentersN/A
Deadline for Submission of Entries12/31/2020
Procedure in the Collection of EntriesSubmission of complete accomplishment of Upload Receipt tab including the clear upload of photo of receipt.
Description of Drop Boxes/Control MeasuresMedium used to collect entries will be through the website of Mega Prime
(www.primemomclub.com) under the Upload Receipt Tab

Description of Winning Entry

Schedule/Venue/Date/Time/Procedure of Predetermination of Winning Entry FormsWeekly validation by the Community Manager of the Upload Receipt Entries submitted
Procedure in the Manufacture of Winning EntriesN/A
Seeding ProcedureN/A
Procedure in the Pre-Validation of EntriesN/A
Procedure in the Determination of Winning Entries (Assigning Raffle Numbers/Computer Program for Submission/Criteria/ Score Sheets/ Judging Procedures/Names and Qualifications of Judges)1. Proper and complete accomplishment of Upload Receipt Tab.
2. Clear photo of Receipt uploaded in the Upload Recipt Tab.
3. Purchase of any Mega Prime product indicated in the Receipt submitted.
Procedure in the Verification of Winning Entries (Security Codes)Medium used to collect entries will be through the website of Mega Prime (www.primemomclub.com) under the Upload Receipt Tab

Description of Winners

Number of WinnersMutliple as long as entires submitted is valid.
Categories of Winners
No. of Times a Participant May WinMutliple as long as entires submitted is valid.
Procedure in the Notification of WinnersNotification will be made through the registered member’s account in the Prime Mom Club website.
Prizes to be won:(Total Value, Brand, Model, Cash Equivalent of Prizes,Market Value/Acquisition Cost/ Appraise Value/Certificate of Appraiser/Mode of Payment); Scholarship, Transferability and Convertability, Period of Redemption, Complete Address of Redemption Centers, Requirement in Claiming (How to Claim Period):

Per DOH-FDA CFRR Permit No. 0675 s. 2020. Promo duration: June 3 to Dec. 31, 2020.

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