Whole Kernel Corn Potato Salad

Whole Kernel Corn Potato Salad

Potato salad with corn is a complete meal in one. With vegetables and chicken, it is both filling and nutritious. This recipe is also great for times when you are in a rush. Try making this for your family!


  •  1 can Mega Prime Whole Kernel Corn
  •  2 cups chicken breast fillet, boiled and chopped
  •  2 cups baby potatoes, boiled and halved
  •  1/2 cup carrots, small died and blanched
  •  1/2 cup celery, small diced
  •  1 bunch spring onions, chopped
  •  2 tbsp raisins
  •  2 tbsp pickle relish
  •  3/4 cup mayonnaise
  •  Salt and pepper to taste


 1. Prepare the dressing first by mixing the mayo, pickle relish, salt and pepper.
 2. Then toss in the rest of the ingredients: chicken, potatoes, carrots, celery, raisins, spring onions and Mega Prime Whole Kernel Corn.
 3. Mix the salad well and transfer it to a serving dish. You can chill it before serving.

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