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Prime Layered Fruit Cake

Who says Fruit Cakes are only suitable for the Christmas Season? You can also whip up this tasty dessert for ordinary days and you can still be sure that everyone will keep asking for more!



  •  1 cup of all-purpose cream, chilled
  •  1/2 cup of condensed milk, chilled
  •  1 can 850g Mega prime Fruit Cocktail, drained well
  •  500g of pound cake or mamon, crushed



 1. In a bowl, whip the cream until soft peaks form.
 2. Slowly pour in condensed milk and mix well.
 3. In a clear serving bowl or glass, layer on the bottom portion crushed pound cake.

 4. Top with the blended cream mixture then with Mega Prime Fruit Cocktail. Repeat this process until the top portion of the container reached.
 5. Serve chilled

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