The Versatile Mega Prime Kernel Corn

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The Versatile MegaPrime Kernel Corn

In cooking, sometimes it just takes one ingredient to level up the entire dish. Such is the Mega Prime Kernel Corn.

Corn is such a versatile ingredient as it gives an added taste and a crunchy texture to the dishes. In fact, I have tried to use it in almost all types of dishes. Soup? Check! Salad? Check! Fish? Check! Merienda? Check! Pasta? Check!

The MegaPrime Kernel Corn can be used as a side dish or incorporated into the actual dishes. What’s better is that you can even eat it straight from the can! No more messy corn husks. No more boiling and waiting for it to cook. No need even for a can opener! With its easy-to-open flip top cover, your snack is ready in seconds.

Whenever I open up a can of Mega Prime Kernel Corn, I set aside half for my dish, then the rest, I put melted butter and cheese for a quick and healthy snack. (And that’s just for me. Another can is for my kids’ snacks too!)

Yes, corn is healthy and highly nutritious. It contains fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals!

And the best thing about MegaPrime Kernel Corn, it’s yummy and very inexpensive. The kernels are fresh and firm, like what you get from a freshly cooked corn.

And for all those reasons, MegaPrime Kernel Corn will always be a part of my everyday cooking.

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