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Mega Prime Choices Glass Noodles Vermicelli

My family and I love homecooked noodle soup that is why noodle like vermicelli is always on my grocery list. I have tried a lot of brands of vermicelli noodle before but it was just last month that I came to know Mega Prime Choices Glass Noodles Vermicelli. I am proud to say that I have found the glass noodles that I will patronize because of its versatility.

I have tried using them in hotpot, kimchi noodle soup, and fresh spring rolls. For me, a good noodle should have the right length and elasticity when cooked, Mega Prime  Vermicelli Noodles has those. We overcooked our hotpot because we prepared it along with our samgyupsal in a 2-in-1 grill, it’s understandable that the noodles will break but I’m glad to say they are not soggy and starchy.

If you are into fresh spring rolls, this is the best noodles to use as it has a clean taste, just soak it hot water the noodles will be cooked al dente that will give a nice chewy bite.

It is very affordable too, less than 50 Pesos for a pack of 250g.

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