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My ECQ Quick and Easy Recipe

It is rewarding being a Prime Mom Club member. This is the right place for savvy moms like me. There are lots of tips and recipes to learn and this time of ECQ2020, we are lucky to make use of our time to watch and have the chance to win some Mega Prime products while watching live videos of Chef Rosebud sharing yummy recipes.

This is also the time wherein we use mostly canned goods because of time schedule in the wet market and for being practical to stock some goods to avoid long lines at the supermarkets. Being a smart homemaker, we should choose healthy canned goods and that is why I use Mega Prime products.

I am excited to share my easy to prepare scrambled egg in a mug that kids can enjoy with health benefits. I love cooking easy recipe in a microwave for less clean up of a pan and you can serve the dish in the same mug.

This is simple and easy, for you need not to cut and peel veggies but just mix and cook.  You need to prepare the ingredients by opening available canned goods, cracking eggs, and oiling the mug.  You can adjust or double the recipe if you need to serve more. You will need two mugs or cup in this recipe.

Scrambled Egg in Mug 
I’m glad I have Mega Prime Whole Kernel Corn and I just use 2/3 cup. (Add or use Mega Prime Green Peas if available)
2 medium eggs
1 small can of corned tuna (corned chicken / corned beef will do)
1/4 cup diced cheese
dash of pepper
some coriander or wansoy leaves ( I got from my pot) or any garnish leaves


For each oiled mug (tip: use the oil of corned tuna), beat one egg then add half of all the rest of ingredients and do the same with the other mug.
Microwave for two minutes and it is done.  Serve it with catsup or your favorite sauce, and it is as good as sandwich patty with sandwich spread.

I made use of the other part of Mega Prime Whole Kernel Corn when I cooked Ginataang Bilo-bilo  which the kids helped me prepared it. Well that’s another recipe and will try to share it soon.

Keep safe and Happy Mother’s Day Prime Moms.

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  1. Jasmin

    Thanks for sharing.. Your very creative. I will try to cook scrambled egg in a mug..

  2. Ludivel

    Wow, ang dali naman gawin niyan. Thank you.

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