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Making Life Sweeter this GCQ

During this GCQ, di madali makabili ng desserts and tight ang budget.  Prime moms should find ways with left overs.

Got some stale bread? Children are always craving for foods during this quarantine time and I tend to buy and store more food for snacks. I buy extra bread but some become dry, hardened and not fresh after a day or two.

Let me share this very easy Corn Bread Pudding recipe adding Mega Prime Whole Kernel Corns. You can bake or steam or just put it on the rice cooker and you will have the same sweet result for a dessert.

For a different flavor and since naipon ang 3 n 1 coffee as a relief good, binabad ko yung lumang tinapay sa coffee. Kahit anong tinapay pwedeng pagsamasamahin, at mas masarap kung may cheese bread. No need of vanilla flavor since coffee flavor ang gusto nating ma-achieve.

Here’s how:

Corn Bread Pudding

1/2 cup of Mega Prime Whole Kernel Corn

4 cups of stale bread broken into pieces

1 sachet of 3 in 1 coffee

1 mug of hot water

2 large egg beaten (or add more)

1/2 cup white sugar

1 cup milk (pwede yung powder in 1 cup water or 1/2 condensed milk)


In a deep bowl, ibabad ang tinapay sa coffee para lumambot at maging flavorful. Add more water, if needed.

In a separate bowl, mix beaten egg, white sugar, milk then add the whole corn.

If using a rice cooker, pahiran ang loob ng butter, or margarine or any cooking oil bago ilagay ang mixed ingredients. Paghaluin lang lahat at i-set sa cook setting. Mga ilang minutes it will automatically set to warm, wait for 3 minutes and set it to cook again and let it boil. Check from time to time and put a toothpick sa gitna at kapag malinis ang toothpick, luto na. But I love kapag medyo brown ang tabi or sunog dahil mas masarap yun.

If you are going to steam or bake, prepare ahead yung steamer or oven para mainit na. Just mix all ingredients before placing in a bake pan.

Let it cool before slicing for at least an hour sa ref.  Naubos na agad ng family ko dahil sa amoy na na nakakatakam at sweet corn na favorite namin. Yan ang #PinaSARAP at sweet dessert ko.

Keep safe and be healthy Prime moms.





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  1. Olivia

    Very creative recipe. I love to try these Corn Bread Pudding and I think this recipe will be a hit especially to my children. Perfect snack for my whole family! Thank you Mega Prime !

  2. Jasmin

    Your right Ma’am Nelina, leftovers no more..hehe! thanks for sharing your creative recipe.

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