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JellyCoff Delight

JellyCoff Delight

A mouth-watering dessert that looks sophisticated need not be pricey with these budget-friendly ingredients I gathered to whip this #pinaSARAP recipe in my kitchen.

This is inspired by an Italian dessert that garnered the hearts of many Filipinos already with its sweet, velvety texture that resembles that of our very popular Leche Flan minus the caramelly hint to it that originated from another country which is a completely different story. Panna Cotta is so light and satisfying, it can be enjoyed by the whole family from “bunso” to grandparents.

This one has its own twist to it which added to its delectability by its unique chocolate biscuit base and attractive clear jelly topping that displays the juicy Mega Prime Coffee Jelly Nata de Coco which truly gave an extra appeal to this dish.


White/Clear Gelatin Powder

125 ml All Purpose Cream

650-700 g Water

60 g salted Butter/Margarine

5 tbsp. Sugar


(4 x 25.2 g) Biscuits

Mega Prime Coffee Jelly Nata de Coco


Crush the 4 packs of biscuits by hand without opening the packaging. Pour the crushed biscuits onto a big bowl where you can add 60 g melted butter/margarine. Mix them together until the texture becomes spreadable.

Place the biscuit onto a medium-sized circular container with a retractable or removable base. It is important to use this specific container to get the shape that you want and it will keep the jelly and the biscuits intact.

Put the biscuit and butter mixture into the fridge for 30 minutes while preparing the Panna Cotta. Open a pack of clear gelatin powder and pour it onto your teaspoon before sprinkling them onto a small pan. Gradually add your 450 g of water while mixing until the gelatin powder is dissolved. Turn your stove to low heat. Keep stirring.

When the mixture is close to boiling, add the 125 ml all-purpose cream, followed by 5 tablespoons of white sugar and salt (at least 1/4 tsp.). Salt is a key ingredient to balance out the flavors of your dessert.

Once everything is incorporated in your panna cotta, remove it from the stove before it boils. It’s enough to just hit the right temperature and not wait for the panna cotta to boil.

Remove the chocolate biscuit base from the fridge and then pour the panna cotta mixture using a strainer to eliminate clumps, and then chill them in the fridge for another 45 minutes.

Once the Panna Cotta stiffens, you may work on the topping by mixing 1 tsp. or less gelatin powder into 25o ml water in low heat.

Strain the Mega Prime Coffee Jelly Nata de Coco.

Once cooked, pour the clear gelatin mixture halfway using a strainer to remove clumps. Distribute the Mega Prime Coffee Jelly Nata de Coco evenly and then continue pouring the remaining clear gelatin to lock in the delicious coffee jellies that have been carefully strained earlier.

Chill for 1 hour or more before serving.

Remove it from your retractable/removable circular container making sure that the desired shape is intact.

You can serve 8 generous slices for this recipe. Enjoy!

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