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Fruity Fruit Salad

Fruity Fruit Salad

Another Dessert that makes us even excited for the Holidays.


1 Can Mega Prime Tropical Fruit Cocktail

1 Apple, (peeled and cubed)

1 Pear, (peeled and cubed)

1 Cup Grapes (Peeled and Cut half)

1 300ml Can of Condensed Milk

1 250ml All Purpose Cream


  • 1. First, Drain fruit cocktail

2. In a mixing bowl, combine all – fruit cocktail, Apples, Pear, Grapes, All purpose cream, condensed milk, mix it well.

3. Transfer it in a container, cover then Chill atleast 6 hours or Overnight.

4. Transfer in a bowl, Serve and enjoy!

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