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#DishPinasarapJuly – Super Green Noodle Soup


During rainy season we are craving for comfort foods and of course we love to eat and sip hot soup.  I still have stocks of instant noodles from relief goods, and let me share you how to level up or make instant noodles healthy and nutritious.

After watching Prime E-Session Sustainable Indoor Gardening Facebook live by Mega Prime, I now enjoy harvesting vegetables I grow from scraps.  I am so thankful for the tips and it inspire me to grow more plants.  All of the vegetables I use in this recipe are all from my indoor garden except Malunggay powder that I use in all my soup dishes.

This recipe is good for two, but you can adjust it if you want up to four persons.  Just add more water, ginger, malunggay powder and vegetables.  The more green leafy vegetables the more nutritious. Use chicken flavor so it will taste like tinola.



I pack instant noodles, chicken flavor


3 cups water

1 medium sized ginger (2”x2”)

1 tsp. malunggay powder

1 to 2 cups of cups of all green leafy veggies – coriander, amaranth/kulitis, dahon ng sili, bok choy, pechay kangkong, talinum and green onions




  1. Wash green leafy vegetables. Drain Mega Prime Green Peas and use the liquid to soak veggie leaves. The sodium will help remove the remaining dirt in the leaves.
  2. Boil water with ginger and noodle soup pack and malunggay powder.
  3. Let it boil for a minute then put the noodles.
  4. When is it half cooked or al dente, put in the veggies and turn off heat after 30 seconds then add Mega Prime green peas. Serve and enjoy.#SOUPWITHMEGAPRIME #PrimeMomChallenge #DISHPINASARAP #PinaSarap
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