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Be the Queen of Your Budget

Supermarket shopping can be a fun and engaging experience specially if you love to cook! It’s so fun that sometimes, we tend to go over budget. Good thing there are things we can do to help keep expenses within reason in our shopping trips.

Let’s start with a not so usual tip: Don’t shop on a hungry stomach because your bill will be reflection of your appetite. (wink wink!)


Plan meals and purchases around bargains

Follow the social media accounts of supermarkets and be on the lookout for sales announcements there. Use this as a opportunity to plan meals that contain ingredients on sale. It’s a great start in the value for money process.

Buy fruits that are in season


Fruits in abundance, those in big supply, will be priced considerably less than during their off season months. Supermarket clerks can help you identify which produce are in season and in budget.

Shop for flexible and basic ingredients


Stick to ingredients that are common and can be used for multiple meals. For example, canned corn can be used for soup, muffins, casserole, etc. Make a single purchase go a long way.

More is more


Sometimes buying in bigger quantities of ingredients can offer better value specially if you can plan its use weeks ahead.

Be mindful where you buy


Supermarket’s prices tend to vary simply because one is a 24 hour shop and the other is not. Make sure to check your options and make time to do a little window shopping on several outlets, just to have an idea on how the prices of products vary. Make a list before you do this in order to save time and effort.

We hope you enjoyed your read and learned a thing or two. Continue to visit us here at the Prime Mom Club for recipes as well as food and supermarket hacks and tips. Have a good day Prime Moms!


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