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Be a Supermarket Superhero

Hacks on how to choose wisely and save while shopping in the supermarket.

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It’s time again to go the supermarket. Given a budget and a limited time to pick, what do you do? Of course, you make the best of it!

Be on the lookout for supermarket promos and sales

Usually when there are seasonal sales, supermarkets give brochures with the promos and discounts already enumerated. Take time to review this as you might miss out on something good.

Practice prudence as well if you decide to hoard. Don’t forget to look at the expiration date and if the container has no dents and holes on them.

Know what you’re looking for


When shopping for produce, make sure to pick the best.

For instance, in you are shopping for meat, make sure that they don’t have unwanted connective tissue. More muscle on the meat means more connective tissue, making them tougher to chew.


If you’re looking for oranges and apples, look for pieces that are heavier than they look.  For apples, look for firm, deep-colored, and shiny skins, while for oranges, firm and smooth skin is a must.

Plan Ahead


Plan and budget ahead. This will make your trip to the grocery a more efficient one. Jot down notes like learnings, as well as future sales and good buys.

Add canned fruits and vegetables to your list


An online article in Live Strong discusses canned fruits and vegetables are also a good source of nutrients, especially if the ones you are looking for are not in season.

Why not try green peas and corn?

Peas, are a source of vitamin C. Which helps boost the body’s immunity while corn is a source of fiber, which helps regulate sugar and cholesterol levels.

Know which supermarkets sell products for the lowest price


Don’t just stick to one supermarket. Know where to shop. Some products are sold at lower cost in some supermarkets so if you have the time, it would be a wise decision to divide and conquer.

Check your credit, debit, loyalty cards for promos, discounts, and rewards


Small savings added up can result in relevant year-long savings. Regularly check your card’s website or ask your sales person if the grocery has a loyalty card.

Are you ready to be a supermarket superhero?  Let’s do this, Prime Moms! Got your own tips? Share them by commenting below!

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