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3 Easy Chicken Recipes to Make on the Fly

There is no easy recipe or formula to motherhood. Mothers have to wear many hats, especially when they also work to support their families. They fly from task to task, cracking onto their many responsibilities. Because of this, busy moms do not often have the time to make elaborate meals in the kitchen.

Fly Easy with These Easy Chicken Recipes

Chicken recipes are some of the easiest meals to prepare for the family. Lay down the foundations of your kitchen repertoire with these easy chicken recipes!

  • Classic Fried Chicken​: No need to wing it in the kitchen with probably the easiest chicken recipe on the book: the classic fried chicken. Here’s a pro tip: season your batter! The classic salt and pepper taste is great and all, but consider the wealth of flavor that you can experience when you add different herbs and spices to your batter! Here’s a pretty neat recipe that uses liquid seasoning for the batter, but feel free to experiment based on your preferred flavor profiles! To elevate your fried chicken dish, serve it with a dip that has a kick! ​Mega Prime Choices Sweet Chili Sauce​ has a distinctive sweet taste, with a spicy note and actual chili bits in the sauce! Nothing like spicing up your meals with great flavors!
  • Chicken Fillet with Easy Cream of Mushroom Sauce​: Chicken fillets are easy enough to prepare, but it is a good dish to test a person’s cooking skills. A good fried chicken fillet should be crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Choosing good chicken meat is a must, so it is best for first-time mom cooks to ask their local butcher for good quality cuts. Check out ​this easy mushroom sauce recipe​ to go with your chicken fillet, made better with ​Mega Prime Pieces & Stems Mushrooms​!
  • Chicken Pancit​: Ah, a true classic in any kind of local celebration: chicken pancit. Birthdays, baptisms, reunions, graduations–name any occasion, and you’ll surely find a platter on the buffet table. Check out ​this recipe​ for your next pancit craving! To add a little kick, consider adding ​Mega Prime Spicy Oyster Sauce ​as a saucy finale to the seasoning.
  • Chicken Sotanghon Soup​: Perfect for the cold rainy season… or any kind of weather, if we’re being honest! This is the Filipino version of the more Western chicken noodle soup. Chicken Sotanghon Soup uses a type of noodle called vermicelli, more commonly known as glass noodles. ​Mega Prime Choices Vermicelli h​ as a great bite, perfect for a hearty meal that soothes your soul.

Time surely flies when mealtime is a breeze! Level up the easy chicken recipes you just learned with the help of ​Mega Prime Canned Vegetables​! Nutritious and delicious, these vegetables come in easy to open cans for more convenient cooking times!

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