Master Of The House All Around Household Hacks For Busy Moms

Master Of The House: All Around Household Hacks For Busy Moms

Busy moms usually don’t have time to do everything at home. They are the ones who are relied on for the cleanliness for their home, for the cooked food on the table, and the care of the whole family. Even when they get busy, they still find ways to do what needs to be done! With the help of many household hacks for busy moms, they continue to become the pillar that supports the family. In order to help the busiest of mothers all over the Philippines, here are a few household hacks for you!


Meal Time Tips and Tricks

Meal Time Tips and Tricks

Cooking is one of the most vital life skills that anyone could ever learn and master. Sometimes, it’s a passion that you have cultivated for decades. Other times it’s something that you had to learn it for the sake of your family. Either way, this means that your cooking is going to be the standard to which your family judges food outside.

It’s never easy to prepare a meal or two; it’s even harder doing it every day of the week while your kids are being rowdy. For the busy moms, it’s quite the challenge to prepare dinner while keeping an eye out for your kids! To help you get through this, here are a few household hacks for busy moms who need some help with preparing food!


Prepare Ingredients Ahead of Time

There’s nothing wrong with taking your time when preparing the food that you eat every day. In fact, there are some dishes that require quite a long time to make either because of the number of ingredients needed or the time-consuming processes involved!

If you’re having problems with the former, then try allotting some time during the weekends to prepare the ingredients of your meals for the week! You won’t even need a lot of time, around 30 minutes to an hour of work should be enough!

Simply washing and cutting fruits and vegetables, marinating meat, and portioning ingredients can lessen the time it takes to prepare a meal, giving you more time to do focus on other things!


Set a Meal List or Calendar

It’s safe to assume that most families have at least one foodie in their ranks or just someone who gets easily tired of the food being served every single day. Being adventurous is great, but staying healthy and sticking to what’s convenient is probably the best for busy moms.

This also coincides greatly with the previous tip! By knowing the schedule of meals, you’ll have a good understanding of what to prepare and what to buy during the week!

If you want to try out recipes, save it for when you have enough time and maybe help, such as during the weekends!


Organize, Organize. Organize!

Among the many household hacks for busy moms, this is something you can apply in almost everything that you do. Keeping a neat and clean cooking station is great, but organizing your ingredients in the fridge or the cabinets is even better! By making sure that you know where everything is placed, you won’t waste time looking for missing ingredients.

This is also very helpful when it comes to storing food. It lessens the chances of spoiled food being forgotten in the confines of the refrigerator or freezer.


Leftovers are Good

A truly busy mom will not always be there to cook for her family because sometimes work can get a little rough, heavy traffic can get in the way, or they simply won’t have time to prepare. In these cases, leftovers are a godsend. Keep in mind that many types of food can only last for a week at most, even when preserved correctly — and that’s not something that you should do regularly anyway.

Leftovers are amazing because all you have to do is to reheat them! It may not be as elegant as a freshly cooked dish, but at least you and your family have something to eat. It would just taste the same as before anyway!

Try this technique out. Make too much of something when you’re not sure if you have time to cook the day after. It can also save you a lot of time, effort, and even money!

There’s nothing wrong with using a few shortcuts when cooking as long as you make sure that your food is as healthy as possible. Cooking for others is a life skill everybody should strive to have. These tips and tricks will be perfect for making sure your family always has a hearty meal despite living a busy life!

Consider these cooking tips for working moms, but remember that being a mom isn’t all about cooking. You have to be able to clean up after a mess too (most of the time your children’s, sometimes even your husband’s. Yikes!) and that’s what’s next in line!



Cleaning Tips And Other Household Hacks For Busy Moms

Cleaning Tips And Other Household Hacks For Busy Moms

Cleaning is a chore. There will almost always come a time wherein you’ll have had enough and just give up cleaning the house because there’s so much to do. There are also some people who love cleaning. They’ll be more than happy to use a section of their day solely to keeping their homes clean and safe.

Whether you like it or not, cleaning is something every mom does. They do it on their own, they teach their kids how to do it, and later on, the whole family will clean under the watchful eyes of the mother.

The problem is, when the mom is too busy, who will be there to initiate the household cleaning? Use these household hacks for busy moms to solve your cleaning issues!


Make Your Bed in the Morning

A messy bed means a messy room, and a messy room can lead to an untidy house. That’s something most mom’s want to avoid. Make your bed right after you wake up. It’s a small victory and it can lead to a series of other smaller cleaning wins!


Let Your Kids Help

There’s nothing better than children helping their mom clean the house. It can be a good bonding moment and a great opportunity for you to teach your kids the importance of cleanliness. It may not happen all the time, but at least you don’t have to worry about doing all the cleaning yourself. This way, you can educate your children on what it means to keep your home safe and clean!


Keep a Store of Lemons

Lemons are very good not just for adding flavor to your dishes but also as a cleaning agent! It can be used to remove stains from faucets and other metallic surfaces. Rub the cut lemon directly on the faucet until the stains are removed! It can make even the most weathered fixtures look as good as new!

Lemons can also be a great deodorizer. Try this out the next time your garbage disposal stinks too much. The lemon slices have the capability to deodorize that chute!


15 Minutes of Picking Up

Allot 15 minutes in the evening to simply look for and pick up garbage or things that are misplaced on the floor. It’s a very short time that can double as another bonding moment for you and your family! Not only will this leave your home visibly tidy, but it will also be a happy experience (and sometimes exercise) for you and your family!


Put Away Washed Laundry

Laundry day may not be fixed, but usually happens once or twice a week, while other families even have it every day! While it does remove the stench and unappealing feel of having used clothes all over the house, if you don’t put away the finished laundry right away, they can easily pile up and serve as another nuisance in the house!

Make sure to put away all the clothes right after they’re washed and dried. This will ensure that there won’t be any piling up happening and that your family has enough clothes to use every day!

A house that’s clean and tidy is a family’s haven. By making sure that your home is as organized as possible, you’ll provide a great environment for everyone! You won’t have to worry about your kids getting sick because of your house being unclean! Now all you have to ensure is that the rest of your family lives a very hygienic life. The better they take care of themselves, the better they’ll treat everything else!



Hygiene Hints and Must Do’s

Hygiene Hints and Must Do’s

Everything starts with you. Aside from consulting the many household hacks for busy moms available, if you don’t start with yourself, then you can’t integrate these habits in your life. No matter how busy you are, you’re still a mother of a great family. You have to take care of yourself in order for you to take care of the rest of them.

A busy mom will always make time for her family, but sometimes they also tend to neglect themselves. Make sure that you’re as healthy as possible by following these hygiene-related household hacks for busy moms!


Always Have a Smart Snack

A lot of busy moms have their work cut out for them. They’re always on the go, looking for the next big sale, or otherwise in the office doing their very best in what they do. Bear in mind that work is never easy. You will always find a few hiccups down the road and that’s okay. Just remember that even in the midst of deadlines and pressure from the higher-ups, you should never forget to eat something healthy. Avoid junk food and go with the essentials!

Always try to keep a variety of snacks at hand. Fruits, nuts, and fitness bars are enough for your everyday struggles!


Baby Wipes Always!

They’re usually used to clean up after babies, but wet wipes are also perfect for the many busy moms who are working day and night! Baby wipes are perfect for instances wherein you can’t just shower, like when you’re outside with your baby or running around at work. It’s a pretty cost effective cleansing solution for the typical busy mom!


Stay Hydrated

Very few people acknowledge the importance of drinking the recommended amount of water every day. Keep in mind that the more hydrated you are, the healthier your body is! Having a healthy level of fluids in your body allows your blood to circulate better, release toxins easier, and strengthens your immune system by! At the same time, being hydrated also means not holding your urine — it’s simply not good for you! Relieve yourself when you have to and drink water when you feel thirsty!


Hygiene Kits

This is something that not just the busy moms will benefit from. Hygiene kits are amazing for keeping you as fresh as possible throughout the day. It would usually be filled with a number of facial creams, baby powder, alcohol, sanitizers, and many more sanitary products.

Keep this on hand to ensure that you’ll be ready for anything that might happen during the day!


A busy mom might always have her family in her mind, however, it is very important that you look out for yourself first. Make sure that you are as healthy as possible so that you can take care of your family better!


The Good Kid Kit

The Good Kid Kit

In a lot of ways, being a busy mom can be a problem, particularly when it comes to the growth of their children. When both parents are working, it can lead to a lot of problems concerning the growth and development of their child. With that being said, it’s very important to make sure that your kids learn the importance of self-discipline early on.

It makes household matters easier for you as a busy mom, but it will also be of great importance to their own personal development!

Self-discipline helps kids learn about delayed gratification, resist unhealthy temptations, and tolerate discomfort needed to achieve a goal. It makes them choose to do their homework instead of playing, clean up instead of slacking around, and help out instead of lounging around.

There are many household hacks for busy moms that leads to a very comfortable home. However, these tips and tricks are nothing compared to educated children that help out their busy moms every step of the way.


Explain The Reason Behind Your Rules

An authoritative approach is best when you want to help kids learn how they should make choices. Try to word what you say as fairly and logically as possible. This will help build a good understanding with them.

Don’t just tell your kids what to do; explain to them why they should do it. Be firm and direct about what you say. Keep it simple, and make sure that they can understand you.


Use Positive Reinforcement

Provide praise whenever your child demonstrates self-discipline. Point out the good behavior you want to see from them that they display. Keep in mind that sometimes, while good behavior may be left unnoticed, it’s the bad behaviors that always lead to punishments. It’s highly suggested that you should acknowledge good behavior and provide reprimands for bad behavior, to instill to them what’s good and what’s bad early on.


Be a Role Model to Your Children

Of course, the main person that your children will likely take inspiration from is yourself. You are the primary adult in their lives; you are what they aim to be. So you have to make sure that you yourself demonstrate the ideals, behavior, and personalities that you want them to have!


Be the Master of the House, Be a Prime Mom

A mom is someone that constantly makes sure that their family is safe, taken care of, and healthy. They do their very best in keeping their homes as comfortable as possible. They know everything there is to know about taking care of the family and their home. Some even look up household hacks for busy moms to further their skills and talents. They are truly the master of the house.

There are very few people who can understand the essence of being a Prime mom. They are the many mothers that strive to give the very best that they can give to their families. If you’re one of them, then you are invited to join the Prime Mom Club and learn how to be a successful working mom!

Prime moms are those who go the extra mile to bring about and share what they have to offer. They are the epitome of great parenting and the embodiment of great mothers! Visit our website now to learn more!