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The Savory World of Soup

We love indulging in soup, whether it’s at home or at a fancy Italian restaurant. It makes meal moments feel a little more special.

But how much do you know about the humble soup? There’s more to it in those warm, savory bowls we all enjoy.Soup has actually been around a very long time, its first sightings dating back to 6000 B.C. Wow, right?The word soup is actually derived from the Sanskrit language, su and po, which means good nutrition. It is not always served hot, in some instances, especially if the weather is hot, there is such as thing as cold soup. Soup can generally be categorized as clear or thick variants.

We travel forward from the past to check out these tasty and nutritious soup recipes that can compliment your dishes at home.

Calabaza, Corn, and Coconut Soup


Just the name itself is giving us warm, healthy vibes! Calabaza or squash is rich in protein while corn contains vitamin C. The creamy texture of the soup is very relaxing and rejuvenating at the end of a long day at work or at school! Kids will love the taste, you’ll love that they get to take the nutrients they need, too!

Cocido-style Nilaga


Garbanzos can also mix with this Filipino favorite. This dish contains pechay or Chinese cabbage, a source of calcium which is good for the bones! The Salt and pepper mixture of this dish is makes it highly enjoyable, your whole family will keep coming back for more.

Pea Soup


Peas are good for the heart. So why not serve it in the form of a tasty, nutritious soup?

Add bacon bits for bits of more enjoyment for kids.

We hope you’ve learned some rich history about these savory staples and enjoy your bowls of soup more! See you soon, Prime Moms!


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