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The Art of Introducing Vegetables to Your Kids

In our article on Nutrition, we talked about some of the essential nutrients that our kids need for good growth and development as well as some fruits and vegetables that have those nutrients.

Children, however, are at that age when they only eat things that appeal to them. Of course, as parents, we want our children to grow and develop well.Is your child a picky eater who doesn’t eat vegetables? Here are some ways to introduce vegetables into your children.Let’s take it one step at a time!
Let them know its value

Educate and Involve

Make a kid-friendly food chart that explains how the vegetables can help them. You can also casually talk to them about it during meals.

Go one step further and include them in process of planning their meals. It will make them more excited to eat since they were part of the process.

Mix it with their favorites


Use it as an ingredient for something that they are already familiar with. Including things like fresh homemade pesto and tomato to popular kid meals like pizza and pasta is another way to introduce it.

Start with the most appealing


Some vegetables are more appealing than others. According to an online article, the top spots go to are carrots, peas, cucumber, corn, and broccoli. Later on, when they get used to the idea of vegetables, you can introduce more.

For your kids fiber fix, checkout some corn recipes in this article.

Presentation is key


Serving vegetables doesn’t have to make meals less fun! Present meals in fun ways (e.g. smiley face, stars, rockets, etc.) that appeal to kids.

Influence by example


Let them see that you eat them as well! Actions speak louder than words and your kids look up to you. How can you make them eat something that you don’t? One way to introduce vegetables is simply by making your kids familiar with it and showing them that it is an essential part of the meal.

We hope you learn a thing or two Prime Moms! For more things on food and nutrition, continue to visit us at Prime Mom Club.




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