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Smart Hacks for Moms with Picky Eater Kids

Tired of seeing your kids’ ​baon​ barely eaten when they get home from school? Finding it hard to feed your toddler or teenager with nutritious food? Prime Mom Club has smart hacks to unlock the heart (and tummy) of every kind of picky eater!

Smart Hacks to Feed Picky Eater Kids

Turn mealtimes to fun times with these prime tips and tricks from the Prime Mom Club!

  • Involve Them in the Process​: Go shopping with your kids and try to teach them where their food comes from! Teaching them their way around a kitchen also helps them appreciate how food is made! Let them cook their favorite dishes with you, and they’ll be more eager to eat their culinary creations!
  • Blending In​: Some children just do not like the look and feel of certain food items. If your kids are not a big fan of some vegetables, try blending them into sauces or cutting them into tiny pieces. As they grow older, you can slowly ease them into liking the vegetables that they’ve been eating all along. One handy trick can be blending bell peppers into the tomato sauce used for pizza. You can also chop ​Mega Prime Green Peas ​and ​Mega Prime Whole Mushrooms​ into omelettes to sneak in some extra nourishment into their breakfast!
  • Show, Not Tell​: Be a role model for your children! Show them that you’re eating the same things. Children can be naturally scared of new food items, so eating with them shows that they have nothing to be worried about. Scolding children into eating their food may have a negative effect, as they can associate the food with your anger. Try not to comment on how little they’re eating, and instead encourage them for trying their best! This can encourage them to eat more next time.
  • Treat Days​: Junk food’s appeal is that it is often forbidden. Letting your children have treats once in a while lessens their craving to eat food that they know is bad for them.
  • Healthier Options​: Having less junk food around encourages your kids to eat healthy! You can also If your kid likes fruit juices, stay away from the high-sugar powders and look for more natural options! They can have the occasional treats, but balancing them with smart and healthy food choices is the key!
  • Have Fun​: Children are naturally curious creatures. Play that curiosity to your advantage by making every meal an exciting treat! Use broccoli as trees and meat and veggie nuggets shaped like dinosaurs to turn lunchtime into story time! Cut sandwiches into fun shapes (stars, hearts, you name it!) with large-size cookie cutters. You can also use smaller cookie cutters to cut the same sandwiches for bite-sized snacks!

Moms like you might be worried that you’re not giving the nutrients that your children need. Make healthy meal prep easier with the help of ​Mega Prime​ products! Partner simple recipes with high-quality ingredients to make delicious meals that would appeal to all kinds of picky eaters!

Mega Prime is part of the Mega Global Corporation, a leading manufacturer and distributor of canned goods. If you would like to know more about smart parenting hacks and other exciting things that you can do with the P​rime Mom Club,​ feel free to explore our official website.

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  1. Angela

    Hopefully when my baby grow up I can use this tips .

  2. Rosalina

    Thanks , its help me a lot..

  3. aby

    will surely try this to my kids. Thank you!!

  4. jessie

    Thanks for this! Will definitely use this tricks on my kiddo. 🙂

  5. Lucinda

    Kids really need to eat their baon, and these tips will truly help. Thanks!

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