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Keeping the Cheer During the Rainy Season

We’re right in the thick of the rainy season and we’re all hoping to face the weather with good and positive vibes. Despite the rainfall, the floods and the discomforts in between, there is still something about the season that brings a comforting calm to us.

May it be smooth rhythm of the water drops or the cold lulling us to sleep, there is still something to enjoy about the rains. Like these recipes to keep you cheerful and comfortable through the wet weather. These are not just tasty treats, but have nutritional value to boot.
Oolong Tea
Oolong tea is a partially fermented variant of the tea family. Need to fight the drowse despite the weather? Don’t fret. Oolong tea is here to keep you awake. It boosts mental alertness  and sharpens thinking skills. Give it a milk tea twist (the hot variant)  and your kids can enjoy its benefits too.
a46f77f95763cb83fb9fa0788a73036d5842f98924b851a70579624b41fae238Drip Coffee4a79017473b898973e7e18ca8880cf012fb7d582d3a1f80445f2e436f7cc9133The weather adds a bit more challenge for us Prime Moms. Doing laundry, keeping the household nice and dry might be a bit more demanding. Good thing coffee can give us that extra push. Step up your coffee game by trying out the awesome craze called drip coffee. It’s a fresh, instant take on brewed coffee. Drip coffee not only keeps us warm and alert, it’s a great source of antioxidants too!

Good ol’ Mushroom Soup


There’s nothing like bonding over good old fashioned soup! This creamy, yummy mushroom classic not only provides warmth and comfort, it also has nutrients that helps the body’s immunity.

Toast some bread slices, bring out a board game or a movie and bond over bowls of this rainy day staple.

Corn Muffins Magic


There’s nothing like freshly baked muffins to add cheer to the rainy reason. The corn not only adds yummy bits and bites, it’s also a source of vitamin C. Brighten rainy afternoons  with these deliciously healthy must haves.

Green Pea Risotto


Go sophisticated and yummy even when all seems gloomy! Don’t underestimate the power of peas because it is very rich in antioxidants. This Italian comfort food is perfect for adding zest during these drizzly days.

Looks like your rainy days will be having some delicious moments! Moments only a Prime Mom like you can do. Cheers!

We will see you really soon! Only here at Prime Mom’s Club.



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