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Every Mom’s Guide to Grocery Shopping

Moms know the demands of two life constants that have always been a challenge for them: time management and budget control. It’s already a given that juggling these will have to be done single-handedly. And nothing makes it too felt than those moments when they find themselves in an all too familiar chore that they have to do regularly — grocery shopping! When is the best grocery time to be able to save on time? How does one stick to one’s budget without having to compromise her grocery supplies? What does one do to get value-for-money grocery items? All moms can be super moms, but these handy tips on smart grocery shopping are always a welcome lifesaver for them. Before hitting the grocery lane, read on.

  • Plan ahead.
    Shopping smarts start with planning. This means, knowing exactly what to buy, and how much. It helps to plan your meals for a week and use that as a basis for your list. This also prevents you from missing out on something and running back to the store. Moms know every kid’s “pester power” especially in the snacks lane. Word of advice: stick to your list and stick to your budget even when your little ones offer to “help” put items in the grocery cart.
  • Befriend your calculator.
    To stick to your spending allowance, use a calculator when doing grocery shopping. This will be your handy, friendly, budget compass which will alarm you if you are already going overboard. Input all prices as you add things up to your cart. If you’re bringing your kids with you, this will be a fun, interactive way to make them productively engaged. Let them be the ones to do the math and remind you if you’re still within the “number”. Fun? Make it smart and fun.
  • Shop once a week.
    Sticking to a once-a-week shopping will rid you of unnecessary expenses and impulse buying. It’s a fact that once inside a grocery, it’s hard to NOT go out without lugging anything in your cart. A new detergent powder? That fruit juice your kids haven’t tried? Cute placemats on sale? Temptation will always wink at you. So if you only allot one day per week for such household pleasure, you also lessen the possibility of getting lured into unnecessary buying.
  • Hungry? Don’t do groceries.
    It’s a given and it’s proven. Grocery shopping on an empty stomach is a pricey risk. Your hunger acts as an expensive trigger for you to grab anything that looks delicious and mindlessly throw them in your cart. More often than not, these are unhealthy snacks that wink at you when you shop and you’re starved. Not only does this wreak havoc on your budget; it also poses harm on your health. What to do? Eat before you shop.
  • Pick wisely.
    If this is going to be a long shopping trip, make sure you pick your meat and dairy items last. You don’t want to bring home products that got spoiled because they were left in a non-chilled environment for hours. The perishables should be at the tail end of your pick-me list. It also helps to know that in most cases, the “fresher” perishable items like dairies, produce, eggs, and veggies are at the back of the shelf. The newer stocks are placed at the back of the older stocks, for their first in-first out inventory rule. So if you want items with the most distant expiration dates, it’s wise to reach a little farther to the back.

Time management, budget control, and a lot of grocery smarts. To be able to make the most of what they have, these are the shopping must-haves all moms should have in their grocery carts.

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