About Prime Mom Club

The Prime Mom Club is the Mega Prime brand's platform for helping mothers reach their Prime potential in taking care of their families and homes.

From buying the right food to knowing your way around the kitchen and preparing great meals, the Prime Mom Club is the community for the savvy Mom to be. Recipes, supermarket and kitchen tips, online discussions and handy articles at your finger tips. Add all these to upcoming exclusive seminars, promos and premium items all here to help and all of it FREE!

The Prime Mom Club is also an interactive, growing community of like minded home carers, where you and other and Prime Moms are encourage to discuss and share your thoughts and your very own helpful nuggets of Prime Mom wisdom. Hearing from you will help cultivate the Club in so many meaningful ways. See you in the discussions!

So feel free to explore and see what the Prime Mom Club has to offer and we're happy to be with you in every step of your journey towards becoming a Prime Mom.

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About Mega Prime Quality

The Mega Prime brand is a complete array of high-quality products that conveniently turns the simplest of recipes to extraordinary and appetizing meals for the entire family. It comes in convenient packaging, making cooking one step easier and turning moms into savvy chefs of their own household!